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The father of CodeIgniter is now free

The whole reason that CodeIgniter exists is ExpressionEngine. It was the framework that was taken from the original version the founder built for his clients. Eventually, ExpressionEngine was re-written on top of CodeIgniter. Then the burden of maintaining the framework and the CMS took its toll and CodeIgniter languished before finding a home with BCIT.

In an interesting move - ExpressionEngine is no longer a paid product. It's open source. Although, as far as I can tell, it's simply free. It doesn't exist in their GitHub account so no one can help with updates.

Will be interesting to see how it plays out. In the meantime, though, there's a powerful CMS for anyone who needs it.

Interesting. Wonder if paid CMS model is not working, or not working for just them. Or if they are planning to release new product and just getting rid of need for legacy support.

Same kind of model, work on framework and then paid tools parallel, seems to work quite well for Laravel.

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Laravel is really only one guy, though, so less mouths to feed, but maybe. Sounds like they're doing support services for one, and then have some things cooking with other companies they plan on announcing later in the month.

I was bummed to see all of their previous addons were nowhere to be found, like the forum module, etc. If that was still around I'd be tempted to try and convince Jim to get the next version of the site up and running on that.

Only used it once about 7 years ago, but it was not the worst experience I ever had. Well, actually the damn project was, it was massively underscoped so me and project manager were pulling 3am shifts to get it working, but the CMS itself I always liked.

As for Laravel, I think they have maybe one or two more guys working behind the scenes, but I was more wondering in general if WordPress for example is such a dominant free contender, that everyone uses WP or gets own system built from scratch, so there isn't market for *paid* CMS engines as such. Only other one I can think of right now is Perch CMS, but they are probably small scale customers wise, tho CMS itself looks pretty crafty too.

They did say in one of their blog posts that "open source had won" as the dominant CMS type, with 90% plus being free. So, you're definitely right there, Pertti.

Just checked their site again, and it is actually real open-source, up on GitHub, with an Apache 2 license.

Daaaamn, there goes my latest biz idea to quickly whack premium CMS on top of CI4 and ride to the sunset Big Grin Cool

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