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CodeIgniter 4.0.0-alpha.3 released :)

CodeIgniter-4.0.0-alpha.3 launches today, after an incredibly busy month of activity since alpha.2 [Image: smile.gif]

Huge shoutout to Lonnie Ezell for all of his hard work, and a warm welcome to Natan Felles, newest member of the core developer team.

This is a pre-release of 4.0.0. It is not suitable for production!

Release highlights:
  • Numerous bug fixes, across the framework
  • Many missing features implemented, across the framework
  • Code coverage is up to 72%
  • CodeIgniter4 has been promoted to its own github organization. That is reflected in docs and comments.
  • We have integrated a git pre-commit hook, which will apply the CI4 code sniffer rules, and attempt to fix them.
    We have run all the source files through it, and any "funny" code formatting is temporary until the rules are updated.
  • We welcome Natan Felles, from Brazil, to the core CodeIgniter4 developer team. He has proven to be passionate, dedicated and thorough Smile
We have two distributions for the framework release, separate from the development codebase:
  • The released version of the framework has its own read only repository. This version does not include unit testing or the user guide, just the "meat". Spoiler: it can be downloaded or composer-installed.
  • We have an experimental app-starter, in its own read only repository. It contains only the application & public folders, Spoiler: it is meant to be composer-installed.
The user guide for the released version of CodeIgniter 4 is now published on github. Previous user guide links will lead to the "in development" version.

Check the changelog for details.

There are several possible ways to install the framework, explained on the installation page of the user guide,
or you can just download the runnable version as a zip or a tarball.

There are still some features incomplete or which need work, but we are making good progress.
Thank you to the community for stepping up to help make this the best PHP framework!

Do NOT post support questions or feature requests in response to this thread - those will be deleted. We are trying to make the best of the limited resources that we have!

Thank you, and ENJOY!
James Parry
Project Lead

Congrats CI Development Team. Thanks for your update!!  Smile

Thanks Jim and Lonnie and Narf and all the rest of you who put in so much work for us all!  :-)

(Using CodeIgniter since 1.x)

Good news!

Thanks to the CodeIgniter 4 Development Team for all of their hard work.
What did you Try? What did you Get? What did you Expect?

Joined CodeIgniter Community 2009.  ( Skype: insitfx )

I like codeigniter. This framework use to my project. it stable fast and secure.

Thanks for hard work and develop team ^^

...and we are getting closer to takeoff.

Awesome news CI!!

Codeigniter4 more feature and great to use
Love CI
How long codeigniter4 release date?

Thank you ^^

Well done! Smile

Thank you guys for your kind and hard effort to make better of CI. Hope CI4 is more powerful than other distro of CI.

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