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Poll: Should CodeIgniter 4 installation require Composer?
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CodeIgniter 4 installation shall not require composer

(This post was last modified: 12-10-2018, 02:51 PM by cartalot.)

hey Balenus I appreciate you posting this - just to hear your initial experience on picking up CI 3 because it did not require composer.

whats so funny - not - is that because CI 3 doesn't require composer - then it has gotten this reputation for not working at all with Composer.
which is not true, CI 3 has built in integration for it.

anyway for CI 4 - i support having Composer instructions front & center for new devs - because thats the way many people work now and so its more obvious that CI 4 works with it.
on the flip side - its worth pointing out that a HUGE advantage of not requiring composer - is then you are compatible with low cost PHP shared server hosting accounts - that do not allow terminal access to the account. that is one of the reasons CI continues to flourish in the real world where people with limited resources are learning and building new apps.

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