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Setting $cookieSecure = true;

(02-22-2019, 03:14 AM)puschie Wrote: so you got thrown a LogicException ?

can you provide the part of code that creates your form ( or open the form )

This is the view that creates the form. If I set set $cookieSecure = false; it works fine.
PHP Code:
<main class="usa-grid usa-section usa-content usa-layout-docs" id="main-content">

div class="bnc-progress-bar">
 <div class="bnc-progress-bar-color" style="width:20%"></div>

form action="/register/computer_agreement" method="post">
csrf_field() ?>
<h3>I want to:</h3>

<fieldset class="usa-fieldset-inputs usa-sans">

  <legend class="usa-sr-only">Computer Receive Method</legend>

  <ul class="usa-unstyled-list">
      <?php if ($session->computer_receive_method == null) : ?>
      <input id="method_1" type="radio" name="computer_receive_method" value="1" checked>
      <?php else : ?>
      <input id="method_1" type="radio" <?= bnc_set_value('computer_receive_method'$session->computer_receive_method) == 'checked' ''?> name="computer_receive_method" value="1">
      <?php endif; ?>
      <label for="method_1">Receive notices via Email with XML data and PDF copy of notice (Recommended)
          <span class="tooltip"><img src="/assets/img/alerts/info.png" height="15" width="15" alt="info"> <span class="tooltiptext">Email of a PDF file with case data embedded in XML tags is the single most complete method for a computer program to extract data from the notices and process it for you account management system. Further information can be found in the "Technical Documentation" section of the "Resources" menu.</span></span></label>
      <input id="method_2" type="radio" <?= bnc_set_value('computer_receive_method'$session->computer_receive_method) == 'checked' ''?> name="computer_receive_method" value="2">
      <label for="method_2">Receive First meeting, discharge, notice of assets and dismissal notices via EDI; receive other notices via email (Requires approval prior to sign up)
          <span class="tooltip"><img src="/assets/img/alerts/info.png" height="15" width="15" alt="info"> <span class="tooltiptext">EDI noticing is for recipients with legacy systems that process data in this format. Only a limited set of notice types are sent via EDI. The rest of the notices are sent via email with embedded XML tags. Further information can be found in the "Technical Documentation" section of the "Resources" menu.</span></span></label>

<button type="button" class="back-button" onclick="history.go(-1);">Back</button>
<input type="submit" class="next-button" name="submitted" value="Next">
Simpler is always better

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