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Should i wait for production release?

As the title says, I am starting a new project it's like a multi-author blog.

So, I was thinking to use the latest CodeIgniter 4 beta release to get all the new perks and in future, I don't have to migrate from ci 3 to ci 4.

Migrating from CI 3 to CI 4 is nearly impossible so my question is can I easily migrate from CI 4 beta release to final release?

It's not for production, but if the site is going to be yours and you do not mind
doing all the upgrade and update stuff then use it at your own risk.
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When are you looking to release the multi-author blog?

(03-02-2019, 07:27 PM)php_rocs Wrote: @darksider,

When are you looking to release the multi-author blog?

Me and my friend just started working on it using CI 3. We have of features in mind so it will take some time.

- Theme Support
- Plugins Support
- Built in Rest API
- Markdown Support
- User Roles
- User Levels and Rewards System Based on The Posts.

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In my opinion, if you looking to have a release this year then CI3 would probably be my first choice. Why, because it is proven and very stable. That being said, I would, however limit the COOL features and have a -no more features- lock it down (other then security fixes) date with the understanding that I would be moving to CI4 in the near future.

What would be easier? Upgrade from CI4 Beta to final or CI3 to CI4 final?

(03-17-2019, 12:00 PM)EvilMoe Wrote: What would be easier? Upgrade from CI4 Beta to final or CI3 to CI4 final?

CI4 Beta to final will be easier.

This seem like a personal project, so I'll say go with ci4 cus migrating from 3 to 4 after the project is completed wouldn't be fun at all.
Just make sure you keep track of ingoing changes on ci4

One of my customer wants to develop an application in CI 4 but he hesitates because he readed that actual beta version contains too bug to use in production. Confirm you it ?
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CI4 is not ready for production yet. If it's for a really small project and you want to release it soon, use CI3. But for a big project that will take several months to develop, I would use CI4.
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