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CI 4 Marketing

Hey all!

I was just wondering on a more high level what plans are being made to market Codeigniter 4. As it stands now, most people, communities, and companies see CI as legacy software. If CI wants to be seen as a decent choice next to other frameworks that are popular right now, there will need to be some marketing efforts to try to change peoples perceptions.

Has any thought been put into this?
Codeigniter is simply one of the tools you need to learn to be a successful developer. Always add more tools to your coding arsenal!

Good question Smile

We tweet release announcements, and that will be good to drive some grassroots promotion.
CodeIgniter3 has been added to phpbenchmarks.com, though results aren't showing up yet. I will add CodeIgniter4 when ready.

Once we reach 4.0.0 stable, it would be a good time for some guest blog posts, and maybe we can talk Ben Edmunds into having as as guests on phptownhall. If any of the core developers have a chance to attend a PHP or open source conference/meetup, we could shoot for a birds of a feather session, or a multi-platform "shootout".

We have no advertising budget, so it's going to have to be word-of-mouth, I think.

I look forward to other ideas the community comes up with Smile

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As someone who has used CI for years but is slowly moving all CI apps to either Symfony or Laravel, I'd love to be able support CI for everything that it has done in the past. I really feel that the focus should be on what CI does and offers that other frameworks do not. Unfortunately "Speed" is no longer really a factor as Symfony 4 is blazingly fast and most frameworks including CI will slow down once you get passed a 'Hello World' test and add your auth system among other things.

Laravel, Symfony, and even frameworks like Cake have certain things they are really really good at. What will CI4s 'thing' be?

Sorry, that's just my marketing background coming out a little Smile
Codeigniter is simply one of the tools you need to learn to be a successful developer. Always add more tools to your coding arsenal!

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Since I am a newbie, my opinion is believed to be the best reference for the development team.

The current document is too brief and unclear, so people trun from ci3 to ci4 hardly, thus turning to laravel or other frameworks.

The first and foremost advice is to enrich and detail the codeigniter4 documents , and each explanation must include a complete example that could be executed. In addition, the bottom of each page could be added to provide a message discussion.

Ci4 is great. If you could do enough things, it will have a feature that no other framework has: very detailed and rich documents, and it will make many people turn back to the arms of ci4 naturally . Cool

@rfrkk We plan to revisit the docs - the big problem is available time. It is no small undertaking to come up with comprehensive yet straightforward docs! We plan an example for most of the pages, but not message discussion - that would not work well with the tool we use to create the user guide. At the moment, we have two styles of "reference" writeup - one informal and one API like (as with CI3). We need to pick one and slowly convert to it, for consistency.

Lots of stuff to do with the docs, and it would be great if the community had a tech writer or two who might step up to tackle some of this!

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