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A Package and Dependency Manager for Code Igniter.

I'd like to know what the you guys think of a package and Dependency Manager for Code Igniter.

I've currently built and released one with it's terminal tools on https://splint.cynobit.com though still alpha but it gets the job done.

In a nutshell, one can distribute packages with the Code Igniter application folder directory structure. 

For example, the root folder of a Code Igniter package contains folders like models, views, configs, libraries, etc.

Other future capabilities include:
  • Application packages
  • Web Template Packages (For distributing website templates prepared for Code Igniter)
  • Shields.io Integrations for use in README files.
  • And more
At the moment, it has an SDK (The package manager works by extending your Loader class with a MY_Loader.php file in your application/core folder.

I also have plans for Code Igniter 4 although i know Composer is kind of killing it there. However, I think that from the documentation, Splint can do something in the area of Code Modules.

Please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong thread.

An interesting package ... looks like a wrapper for the "packages" built into CodeIgniter3, but with provision for semi-automatic installation a la Composer?

Some questions or transparency concerns:
- your website seems to be under construction?
- there doesn't appear to be a repository for the splint tool.
- is this meant to be a free service?
- on the splint wiki, the importPackages link, to add new packages to your repository, gives a 404.
- how is your tool different from the original CodeIgniter package manager, "spark"?

Best wishes for success with this; good job so far Smile

Thank you so much for your Feedback.

The ''packages'' functionality built into Code Igniter 3 inspired this. However, it doesn't really wrap around it. when you attempt to load a package class, it just modifies the directory to load from depending on the specified package.

To answer your questions.

- Yes, the website is under construction and i keep working on it as much as i can (Fix Errors i discover as soon as possible).

- It wasn't but I've imported it to GitHub at https://github.com/splintci/terminal-tool.git Ill be working on the README soonest.

- Yes it is.

- Can you please provide the URL where you found the link? (Normally, a non logged in user cannot import packages or see the link). It must be a mistake on my part.

- It's different from sparks in how it extends the loader class. It doesn't use the add_package_path() function to add packages, it directly loads a requested file through it's custom function. There is also a plan for the Terminal tool to have a GUI. The loader also has a way for you to use a custom syntax in loading package.

On the main wiki page ... https://splint.cynobit.com/wiki/
... there is a link https://splint.cynobit.com/wiki/develope...te_project
... which references https://splint.cynobit.com/dashboard/importPackage
... which returns the 404

I don't know if other pages do too - I was just poking around out of curiosity Smile

Alright Thanks. It gave a 404 because you were not logged in. I'll modify the response for that url to be the login page if a user isn't logged in.

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