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Merging CodeIgniter and NoNonsense Forum

(05-08-2019, 08:25 AM)dave friend Wrote:
(05-08-2019, 04:36 AM)christaliise Wrote: OK, but I'm still no further ahead for my need of a "simple forum" and "chat system".

I've never found a production-ready discussion forum built with or for CodeIgniter. There are several tutorials that layout in a very fundamental way the skeleton of a forum. Google is your friend in finding these. There is one solution on GitHub that seems a bit more fully developed than the typical tutorial. But as it says on their GitHub page, "DON'T USE IT AS IS IN A PRODUCTION SERVER, THIS FORUM APP IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT." [emphasis not added]  It has not had a commit for four years so it would seem development has ceased. You could take the code as a starting point for a DIY solution.

A DIY seems like a great idea until you dive in. It quickly becomes clear that you will need years to make a robust, secure and useful discussion forum. If it was easy you wouldn't see so many big name companies using third-party solutions.

You might not like the subdomain idea but it is usually the easiest and least expensive in terms of both time and money to implement. In case you haven't noticed this very forum is in a subdomain.

OK, the direction I'm thinking is to try NNF within CodeIgniter and see if there are any conflicts, and if there are, attempt to fix them.

If everything fails, then try NNF in a subdomain, and if there are problems, attempt to fix them.

If that fails, then look at something like phpBB or MyBB.

Keep in mind it is NOT an open & public forum that we're wanting.

Having said that, my competence in this subject is very limited.

I don't want to discuss security issues too much publicly. Therefore would you like to send me by personal message, your email address?

I do have much wider issues to discuss with a CodeIgniter expert.

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