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This project took about two years to build and I finished it long ago(at least thats what I want to believe).
 I wanted to build an e-commerce site but I'm afraid that I'm not that expert when implementing any library that requires transactions(not that I don't know Im just afraid that I will not build it properly and will endup stealing people's money in case they use my service).


Features are:
  • Post
  • Products
  • User feed
  • Photos and Albums
  • Notifications
  • Likes
  • Share
  • Update user
  • Login and Register system
  • Recovery password system
  • Find developer page
  • Find developers by skills set
  • etc.
I'm planning to get rid off of some characteristics in the products section such as price, etc and probably make it more like a place to share what you have built with CodeIgniter; also the messaging page will be deleted(was planning to build it with websockets) as I never really cared about.

NOTE: It currently throws an error in the top of the page due to the paypal library. I will delete it later on. So tell me, what do you think about it.
I do Front-End development most of the time 

Its a nice start but has the critical mass problem where users are needed to create the value of the site.

Users will not join an empty or near empty site without any contributions.
Contributors will not contribute without a user base to share with or sell to.

The only real answer is to start populating contributions yourself and hope as the mass of contributions grows it is enough to encourage users to join. This is a very difficult task, especially in the very crowded online market of today.

A nice start though.


Website is no longer available
> Will

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