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BackendPro 0.6.1


To work form_validation with matchbox you need update matchbox to version 0.9.4 (i found here http://codeigniter-kr.org/source/view/16...q/matchbox )

Then you need override default form_helper by MY_form_helper to provide work function like set_value, set_select...


This work for me to prepare migrate to CI 2.0.2 Smile


I'm having a similar problem to pedma. I'm using CI-2.0.2 and BeP 0.6.1, ran the install successfully and clicked on the "click here" link which I presumed would take me to the login form, but it just took me to my regular index.php file pointing to the default welcome page.

I've tried going to http://localhost/auth/login/ but get a 404 and http://localhost/admin/ but that gave me a 500 internal server error. Is Bep v0.6.1 not CI-2.0.2 compatible? I've tried changing
class Site_Controller extends Controller
class Site_Controller extends CI_Controller

but no luck. Any ideas guys?


EDIT: Sorry after looking through this thread a bit harder I noticed adamp1 did mention this. Has anyone successfully got v0.6.1 working with CI 2.X?

Re: form input type, http://www.kaydoo.co.uk/backendpro/user_..._form.html

I'm trying to make method _field_checkbox for this.

In settings.php

$config['field']['sharethis_services'] = array('type'=>'sharethischeckbox',

And in Preference_form.php

function _field_checkbox($key)
                $options = $this->field[$key]['params']['options'];
                foreach ($options as $key =>$service){
                    $params['name'] = $key;
                    $params['id'] = $key;
                    $params['type'] = 'checkbox';
                    $params['value'] = $service;
                    return form_checkbox($params).$service;

But this returns only facebook checkbox.

I'd like to show all the checkboxes.
Any help will be appreciate it.

hello team I followed the instructions on http://www.kaydoo.co.uk/backendpro/user_...rauth.html and it doesn't work.. please help on how to setup custom fields

Is There a way to intergrate the facebook connect in to this

How to install BackendPro 0.6.1 on codelgniter2.1??

Hi jasonshu,
Backendpro is old and not updated since long, so better not to use it.
Develop you application using latest codeigniter.
I had lots of issues with backendpro.


I believe this is really interesting project in this context
CI Bonfire

It proposes a Faster CodeIgniter Development

Quote:Bonfire helps you build CodeIgniter-based PHP web applications even faster, by providing powerful tools and a beautiful interface you won't be ashamed to show your client.

[quote author="jasonshu" date="1330073627"]How to install BackendPro 0.6.1 on codelgniter2.1??[/quote]

Look this : http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/209292/ Wink

waiting for 2.x
please Smile

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