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CodeIgniter - American Community

I live in the US, but CI is a global community.

Australia, Britain, Greenland, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa or the U.S., it's all good for English language discussion (I'm not slighting other countries, but these are the ones in which I have had business contacts). Most developers/coders/designers are at least able to use English as a programming tool. If I absolutely need translation, I can run it through one of the online translator services.

If your desire is a real face-to-face user group, then set up a disposable email address and ask for contact from local CI users. Of course that means revealing your general physical business location. Do you really want to do that? In today's society this is a question to be carefully considered.

It could make sense from a business standpoint, but honestly, my business is done over the 'net with extremely infrequent personal contact with either clients or fellow CI users. Is your business/company big enough to need the public relations boost offered by physical meeting time? Can your business afford your time doing such meetings?

I don't mean to sound negative, but my experience with User Groups has shown them to be less useful in inverse proportion to time spent coding. If you're just getting started, they can be a "learning experience", until you outgrow them.
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