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Routes- Today i died

Hello Dev's! Today i died!

Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Russia. I will try to write about my problem and tell you that I'm furious!  Angry Angry Angry

Today at early morning I power on my PC and start to read WEB about PHP Frameworks. I read a lot of articles. Very many. 

A lot of developers recommend CI as the easiest and most convenient framework with good documentation, simple code, and most importantly rich functionality. I downloaded it, installed it, and started writing code. In the directory / controller, I immediately created my directory / public and put there my START FILE, which, as I thought, would be the default controller. In write rule for route - $route['default_controller'] = 'public/homepage'; But! I always get 404 error. I read the documentation. Again. Once again. And more and more and more. I looked at hundreds of sites, asking how to make the default controller from a subdirectory .... I spent ALL DAY on it and read with tears in my eyes that CI does NOT support this feature! how? How? HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW CAN IT BEEEEEEEEE ?!!!!!!!!!! This is unbelievable! Such a simple thing and so many problems! What is the problem of realizing such an opportunity out of the box?

Now one and the same thought is spinning in my head ... How can I start building a new project on such a “cool” framework if I already encountered a problem at the INITIAL stage, the solution of which took a WHOLE DAY! What awaits me ahead? I don’t know .... Today I died. Huh Huh Huh

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