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How to enable debug toolbar in CI4.0.0-rc.3

(11-15-2019, 09:11 AM)hbonds Wrote: I have set environment to development through .htaccess file using code

SetEnv CI_ENVIRONMENT development

environment is successfully set to development, but I am still not able to see debug toolbar.
How can I see debug toolbar on application?


Did this question ever get resolved?

I had a similar experience today... the debug toolbar was working, and then disappeared whilst I was busy, but I didn't immediately notice it was gone.

I checked all the ENVIRONMENT settings, and even tried to stick additional extra-double-triple-sure settings in all the places mentioned in this post, and a few other places too (even though the ENVIRONMENT was initially only set in the .ENV file, which had worked- and still does for me- without a problem).

I could even tell when exactly the toolbar had ceased functioning (the logs in \writable\debugbar folder stopped, whereas the general \writable\logs were still being recorded)... but couldn't remember exactly what I was working on at the time.

Being a noob, it took me a while to work out that it was a variable that was not being assigned (or even defined) in the header portion of the page that was causing it ($_SESSION['user_session'] wasn't set, so there was no assignment of $user_session):

     if (isset($_SESSION['user_session'])) {
       $user_session = TRUE;

When $user_session was used again in the footer of the page, it didn't throw any errors that made it obvious that it wasn't defined (because the way I was testing for it), and the bits I was working on all seemed functional:

       if (\App\Controllers\Vars::NOTIFICATION_WEBWORKER_PUBLIC) { // start shared WW if required for non-registered viewers
            require FCPATH.'assets/js/ww_inline.js';
       } else if (($user_session) && (\App\Controllers\Vars::NOTIFICATION_WEBWORKER)) { //  start WW when user signed in
            require FCPATH.'assets/js/ww_inline.js';
       } else if (($user_session) && (\App\Controllers\Vars::NOTIFICATION_SHARED_WEBWORKER)) { // start shared WW when user signed in
       if (\App\Controllers\Vars::NOTIFICATION_SHARED_WEBWORKER_XHR) { // if both XHR & SSE SWW off, then you get none
            $worker_type = 'sww_xhr.js';
       } else if (\App\Controllers\Vars::NOTIFICATION_SHARED_WEBWORKER_SSE) { // if both XHR & SSE SWW off, then you get none
            $worker_type = 'sww_sse.js';
            require FCPATH.'assets/js/sww_inline.js';
       // require FCPATH.'assets/js/post_inline.js';

If $user_session is simply defined somewhere before it's checked in the footer, the debugbar & its logs comes back. It's repeatable- so the debugbar can be broken on demand Wink.

I don't have a handle on why it happens... though, I'm sure one of the experts familiar with the internals could field this question without too much difficulty (?).

Hope this helps.


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