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How to enable debug toolbar in CI4.0.0-rc.3

Hi Littlej,

Been away, and off this project since I’ve been back… though, subsequent to my departure, I did find that my debugbar mysteriously returned, with only the occasional, and very brief, absence… all without my doing anything about it.

Relating to your points:

1)  I think you were right about the debugbar still being accessible (but not showing)… it is quite likely that something in my Ajax code (a large proportion of the site is Ajax-driven, so there’s probably a lot of scope for something in my code to have disrupted the debugbar).

2)  I did start looking into Stark (Spark?)… but didn’t get very far into it, primarily because I couldn’t seem to find what seemed to be a good starting point… there were a few GitHub pages on Stark (Spark?), but nothing that immediately appeared useful.  I’d be grateful if you could suggest a good place to start.  I’ve just checked again, and find this site, that I didn’t come across before: https://php-download.com/package/spark-php/spark.  Is this the one you’re talking about?

3)  I’m running my site on the (local) https://pig.pen which Apache maps directly to the project root: "C:/xampp/htdocs/project_dir/public".

4)  At the moment I am on XAMPP, using a VirutualHost on 443.

5) Yes, ENVIRONMENT is definitely development.

At any rate, the problem has disappeared for the moment.


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