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Zip library "Allowed memory size"

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Hey all

I seem to be a hitting a snag in my program. I have a image gallery that has the function to download the images. When people are downloading 5-15 images there is no issue what so ever. But as soon as the try 50+ (or something close) I get a error. "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted". It links back to the zip library line 410.

I looked online but the only things I found that where a so called solution was to change the php.ini file and increase the limitations. The limitations are curently set to 128 MB and as we are using a hosting service that does not allow changes in these files I am at a loss I suppose.

Is there any solution or diffrent thing I can try to get this to work? Maybe a function to split the download up in bite size chunks? Or something that takes it's time and does not eat up memory? Any idea will be appreciated.

I tried the "ini_set('memory_limit','1G');". But when I do that I recieve "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded". After I added the time limit and got the memory limit error again.

Just for a note the biggest folder of images at this time is around 680MB. But in the future it might go around 2-3 GB

Maybe you give limitation of download, ex 3 images every 10 minutes or whatever then you just need to tell the user with notification

That is not an option. I should have mentioned it is a personal gallery of a user. And if they want to download there images they should be able to.

just create your own function to add them to a zip file one by one rather than having CI do the whole thing in one pass


not tested the following but you get the idea. This is what i did to get around the same issue

$zip = new ZipArchive();
$path_to_zip_file = '/home/path/to/file/my_zip_file.zip';
$array_of_files_to_save = array('/home/files/file1.jpg','/home/files/file3.jpg','/home/files/file3.jpg'); // create an array of files to save

// if zip does not exist, create it, otherwise open and add to it
$zip->open($path_to_zip_file , ZipArchive::CREATE):

// loop through and add each file
foreach($array_of_files_to_save AS $key => $value):

// close the zip file

Fixing PHP Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size Exhausted
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@InsiteFX I appreciate any solutions that might be provided. But if you would have taken the time of reading my post in it's entirety you would have noticed I tried these solutions and also explained why I disliked them.

You can either do it like @futurewebs said. Or you will need to execute and compress those file outside of PHP with exec().
@futurewebs will be executed and will suffer the browser, server (apache/nginx) and/or PHP timeout. If you execute it outside PHP it will run on the server. But you will then need to look for said file at X interval (with Ajax) and see if it's done*.

* Should be last timestamp, haven't made a function like that in a while. Or you need to log tar/zip to a file and look for the "done" message there.

mmmm the exec function sounds interesting. It is however something i never done before so i will need to experiment with it.

Here is another solution that might help you out.

Streamed File Zipping and Downloading in PHP
What did you Try? What did you Get? What did you Expect?

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In my test, it worked well as long as you are not trying to create a huge zip. In that case, yes, the browser is going to jam while its waiting for it to complete. You could create a table where you add the request as a job and then check with a chron job every 5 mins or so and process the requests or as mentioned do it using "exec". not all servers have that enabled though so you would need to check that first.

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