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Is this really something CI4 should include?
It is not configurable, it only suits the english language and it is a lot of "work" in just the `autoTypography()` method.
To me, it looks like an old class, ported to work with CI4, that's just in there for an absolute edge case. And since one should/would rarely use it, it should not be included in the main CI4 installation

If it stays, it must be configurable. Split `autoTypography()` into multiple methods that can be called independently (and maybe chained).
Why, you ask? Want to have em dashes but no newline formatting? Naa, can't do that.
Want to have curly quotes but as real utf8 characters, not html entities? Sorry mate, can't help you there.

I don't want to insult anyone but it looks like a insufficient (compare with https://github.com/mundschenk-at/php-typography), lazy and slow - and therefore wrong - way of doing those things. CI4 should not encourage working with Text/HTML like that. Especially not, when it's using RegEx to match HTML tags

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