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Parser function

I'm wondering why CodeIgniter doesn't provide parser function to grab Parser Class Huh , so we can use it directly anywhere without calling it as instance.  Idea

for example:
before "as documentation":
PHP Code:
/* loading parser class through its service. */
$parser = \Config\Services::parser();
/* or loading it by instantiate it directly. */ 
$parser = new \CodeIgniter\View\Parser();

/* Then we can use it like this. */

I wrote this function and placed it in app/Common.php, "actually just copy and paste" Big Grin  system/Common.php view function and do some few changes to it.
PHP Code:
function parser(string $name, array $data = [], array $options = []): string
     * @var CodeIgniter\View\Parser $renderer
$parser = \Config\Services::parser();

$saveData null;
    if (
array_key_exists('saveData'$options) && $options['saveData'] === true)
$saveData = (bool) $options['saveData'];


PHP Code:
/* now we can use it in one short line. */

it's works as expected, so can it added officially to CodeIgniter 4?  Exclamation

btw I couldn't pull a request on github it's so difficult there.  Confused

You can add your code to github then give description there. Most developer have their own style, I think asking request in CI repo is about core of CI

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