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CodeIgniter 4.0 is here!

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Great news and well worth the three year wait!

Here's new welcome_message.php


...and it's fast!


Tested from the London web server:
Performance grade : 100%
Page size : 15.0 KB
Load time : 131 ms
Requests : 2

Many thanks to all the Team that made this possible - let the promotion begin Smile

wow... finally the wait is over...
so many thanks to developer team and contributors....

Thank you soooooo much

(02-23-2020, 11:09 PM)kilishan Wrote: Holy smokes, everyone, we finally made it! A final release for the rewritten CodeIgniter 4.0 is live. A massive thanks for everyone that has contributed code, docs, or bringing issues to our attention. When you look at most of the PHP frameworks out there, you'll find most of them have some form of commercial backing. But for CodeIgniter it is volunteers like all of you that have helped this framework evolve and continue even through all of the challenges it has faced to get here.

Looking back, my initial commit was on August 26, 2015. At that time I had volunteered to help out with a little bit of coding. There was never any thought in my mind that I would become the lead developer on this project. Due to time constraints with other team members, though, I did land in that role. I won't lie and say it was easy. For much of the first 3 years or so, it was me slogging away in my spare time to try and live up to this commitment I had made. There were a number of times over the years I wanted to stop. I wanted to go develop something a little more tangible, like any of the 4 major ideas I wanted to explore. You guys kept me going, though.

In the last 1.5 years, so many of you stepped forward to help get this project to the finish line. To today. This couldn't have happened without you.

Unfortunately, it isn't all smiles and victory, though, as we recently lost our wonderful Project Lead, James Perry, to lung cancer. He is missed every day, and his contributions made this release possible. Today would have been his birthday. Happy Birthday, James.


All of the repos should have been updated in Packagist. If you find anything out of whack please let me know and we'll get it straightened up.

The main website is pointing to the wrong repo on the home page for latest release. I'm well of aware of that. However, I haven't yet managed to get all of the credentials for hosting, etc. I'm trying again to get those so that I can get the website updated, and then start modernizing the site.

In the coming weeks we will also get additional examples built into the Playground for a more complete example of working with the framework.


Thanks again to everyone! This is 100% volunteer-driven project, and we managed to get to the finish line together today. But it's not over. We have many places we can go from here, but now we have the foundation for the future.
thanks for all.

A huge thanks to CI team and Happy Birthday Jim Perry!
We really miss him, and appreciate his hard work.
I was waiting for CI4 since last 3 years.

I also made few video tutorials for the people who speak hindi language https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDSW3lXN...-Xc21NNw5J

In few months announcing big things for CI community.


This is great news! Thanks everyone for all your hard work, and especially to Kilishan for shepherding things over the finish line.
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Thanks for all!
I have been waiting for this day for 2 years! Today is party at my company!

Happy Birthday Codeigniter4, Happy Birthday James
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Perfectly describes who I am


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@kilishan and the CI Team

This is AWESOME NEWS!! Watch out WORLD HERE WE COME!! It's only a matter of time and patience. A HUGE THANKS to @killishan and the CI Team (R.I.P. James Perry). Thanks for all of your hard work. It has and will continue to payoff in ways you never thought possible.

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