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Installing CI4 app on Plesk

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Hello dear CodeIgniter community,
I'm having a hard time right now trying to get my application running on ubuntu 18 with plesk installed.

Everything works fine on local with spark, but i can't figure out how to get it running on my webserver.

I followed the deployment tutorial on the wiki but it did not help me that much.

I really hope you guys can help me  Heart 
(yes im still nooby in programming)

Thank you

I actually got it to run
My Problem is now that the url looks like <domainname>/public/stuff
How do i get rid of /public?

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I faced the same issue - i'm new in CodeIgniter and i use Plesk. So i share the solution that i found in order to help others as well.

I found this article:

and this one as well (it's for cPanel but the procedure it's the same):

Follow these steps (check image link in the end of my reply):
1. The first step is to compress the CI4 file into two files. The public folder and the rest of the folders.
2. Upload the public.zip file to the httpdocs folder and then extract it.
3. Create a web-ci4 folder outside httpdocs. Upload the zipped file (web-ci4.zip) in web-ci4 folder and then extract it.
4. Next export the localhost database from phpMyAdmin.
5. Create a database in Plesk's phpMyAdmin and upload the exported sql database
6. Setup database connection settings: Rename the env file to .env first, which is in the web-ci4 folder.
7. Then open the .env file, set the database, username, password and uncomment the lines. Then save.
8. The database name, username, and database password are obtained after creating a database in Plesk. Like step number 5.
9. The last step is to change the path in the index.php file in the httpdocs folder.
require FCPATH . '../app/Config/Paths.php';
require FCPATH . '../web-ci4/app/Config/Paths.php';

At this point codeigniter should run in your webbrowser at your main domain name e.g. exaple.com (and not exaple.com/public etc)

Link with images of all steps of the procedure:

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