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PHP Spark Error

Evening guys,
I have been using CI4 for a while preparing a new website.  Have updated from 4 to 4.0.2 tonight, and now have a need to re-run the database migrations, however any PHP spark command gives:

An uncaught Exception was encountered

Type:        ErrorException
Message:     Trying to get property 'maxDepth' of non-object
Filename:    /Users/DevUser/CI4Project/Code/vendor/codeigniter4/framework/system/CodeIgniter.php
Line Number: 232

-232 - /Users/DevUser/CI4Project/Code/vendor/codeigniter4/framework/system/CodeIgniter.php::errorHandler
-193 - /Users/DevUser/CI4Project/Code/vendor/codeigniter4/framework/system/CodeIgniter.php::initializeKint
-168 - /Users/DevUser/CI4Project/Code/vendor/codeigniter4/framework/system/bootstrap.php::initialize
-44 - /Users/DevUser/CI4Project/Code/spark::require

The migrations have not been changed since the last time they were run, when Spark handled them fine.  Anyone any ideas?  

I have double checked with a composer update, and everything is up to date.


Interestingly, having just manually created the tables to allow me to carry on testing, I am now hitting the same problem in code.

The error being within Kint?  See the screenshots below.  Could this be something to do with having been initially coding with one of the Beta releases?




Ah solved the problem. For anyone else having a similar issue, I discovered that

config/Kint.php was missing (as was config/Email.php and config/Encryption.php) presumably something to do with the update from Beta to RC2 to v4.0.2. However, creating a new project, and copying those three files into my old project resolved the issue.

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