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CI 4.0.3 is releasing soon - help wanted

I may be wrong, but the impression I have is that fundamentally the framework is developed almost exclusively in the creation of blogs. Until CI3 this did not affect projects developed for another type of website as much.

I see and perceive consistent advances in CI4 over the previous version. Of course, my different goals of creating a blog lead me to different priorities, so for me, the new pagination system is, at the very least, fantastic, minimalist, yet efficient, spartan. But almost as a fright you discover that the display default of the index of the pages is vertical.


You are forced to handle/change something that would normally not be necessary.

Likewise, the page numbering default is query parameter instead of URI segment.

I keep looking at the forum pages and they are organized inversely to the default of the framework. Obviously something is wrong.

Please, has anyone tried and managed, following the instructions in the manual, to change the page numbering mode, as shown below?


"It is also possible to use a URI segment for the page number, instead of the page query parameter. Simply specify the segment number to use as the fifth parameter to makeLinks(). URIs generated by the pager would then look like https://domain.tld/model/[pageNumber] instead of https://domain.tld/model?page=[pageNumber].:

<?= $pager->makeLinks($page, $perPage, $total, 'template_name', $segment) ?>

Please note: $segment value cannot be greater than the number of URI segments plus 1."

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RE: CI 4.0.3 is releasing soon - help wanted - by wdeda - 04-25-2020, 06:48 PM

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