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Logging options (rotation, no date in filename...)

(This post was last modified: 05-07-2020, 08:41 AM by ghujer.)


Would it be possible to update the logging in codeigniter so that the logs can be easily rotated ?

I see 2 ways, which could be 2 options used by the logging mechanism:

- add the ability to not have the date in the log filename. Currently it is log-YYYY-MM-DD.php. Letting the possibility to name it log.php (or whatever, but not something that changes everyday), makes the life of the admin of the server easier in the sense that he can setup a logrotate rule easily.

- For those who can't administer the server and use the option above, there could be this other feature: make codeigniter rotate its logs itself. For example keep only the last 7 logs (or the logs of the last 7 days...). The number of days could be configured through a config option.

Ideally this should be backported to CI3.

In my opinion this is really lacking in CI and could lead to having logs taking a lot of disk space.


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