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UUID with support for Model and Entity

(This post was last modified: 05-20-2020, 11:16 AM by michalsn.)


I created a small package that makes it easy to work with UUID in CodeIgniter 4 - https://github.com/michalsn/codeigniter4-uuid

This package work with different versions of UUID - starting from version 1 and up to version 6 - but everything is integrated into a model class to make it work smoothly. So we basically use it like a "normal" model class. We can also store UUID in the database in a byte format to optimize the used space.

Let me get you a small example of how would using UUID as a primary key in our model would look like:

PHP Code:

namespace App\Models;


Project1Model extends UuidModel
    protected $table      'projects_1';
    protected $primaryKey 'id';

    protected $returnType 'array';
    protected $useSoftDeletes true;

    protected $allowedFields = ['name''description''created_at''updated_at''deleted_at'];

    protected $useTimestamps true;

    protected $validationRules = [
        'name' => 'required|min_length[3]',
        'description' => 'required',

Out model have to extend UuidModel instead of Model and that's it. More detailed info is available in the project repo.
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Thanks, very usefull. 

When do you think you have a release version?

Hi there!

Sorry that I'm responding so late but I didn't get any notification about new response for this thread.

First official release? Probably shortly after next CI version will be released... so probably next month.

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