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How to use CodeIgnite and Vue.js together

Hi folks,
I'm very new to web development so I don't know how to connect ci4 and vue.
I want to code my UI using vue, and I want to use ci4 at the backend.

Hi  Exclamation

I’ll warn you right away that my method may not be the best, but still I often use it to connect different libraries... Angel

In general, you have a folder "public" and it should have a folder with css and js files (at least I hope you have one) in any case, just drop the file "vue.esm.js" or the full version of "vue.js" into the public folder, and then in the directory "app / views" where you have the main file "index.php" located or if you share the php code then "header.php" and in the tag "script" just provide a link to the file "vue.esm.js" or "vue.js" with "<script src =" <? = base_url ('/ js / vue.js'); ?> "> </script>"

Good luck Wink
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Thanks, I'll try this solution Smile

(06-16-2020, 03:56 AM)erenusar Wrote: Thanks, I'll try this solution Smile

or this: https://forum.codeigniter.com/thread-767...#pid376722

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