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suggestions - open for help


Hello there,
(sorry for my english)
i am using CI3 some years now with no problems compatibilities etc..
The best think is that its only 2 MB and i can create what ever i want.
The CI4 looks similar with CI3 with much more power but CI4 need some more libraries.
I really like CI and i am struggling right now to learn yii to use it for a company project ( i will try to move it to CI4 if its possible).

i am reading the forum some years now and i want to tell some suggestions to help CI community to raise again.

1)we need new CI website ( i think that will happen soon)
modern one, with easy access on everything, some more texts
2)i would like to see a team menu on that site with some clear positions and who doing what
3)the contribute menu should go somewhere more visible.I want to do it but i dont know how, if there was a page with like "we want this and that and that" etc or maybe a video explaining we need to check this and that etc..
( not in the forum because the forum is complicated)
4)The opensource concept is really nice but the idea of some companies to be able to contribute(for free)
and put their logo on the contribute page maybe should be consider.
5)there are some video tutorials on YouTube about CI3 & CI4 and it will be nice if those videos be part of the site
if those are correct. Also, the documentation is pretty nice but personally i like the videos better, its impossible the full documentation to be in 
videos but maybe some members here are able to help on that.
6)the CI concept need some more "marketing" but right now i cant think something to help on that.
maybe a 1-2 streaming events per month to create a small project maybe? or answer questions.
7)donation system, i dont know if this is possible to be able to donate some $

i have time on weekends and maybe 1-2 hours per day to help but i have no clue how.

For your marketing idea, the team should post a benchmark comparisson of CI, Yii2, Laravel, Cake-PHP, etc. After all CI stands for speed.

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