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I have this code but I'd like the view to open in a new window, I've tried various sources but failed to work

PHP Code:
public function getStudentReport()
        $schoolorclass $this->input->post('schoolorclass');
        $reportfor $this->input->post('reportfor');

        if ($reportfor == 'schoolyear') {
            if($schoolorclass !='school'){

                $this->data['classID'] = $classID $this->input->post('classID');
                $this->data['sectionID'] =$sectionID $this->input->post('sectionID');
                $this->data['value'] = $value $this->input->post('value');

                if($sectionID == 0){
                    $this->data['students'] = $this->studentrelation_m->get_student_report_all($value$classID);

                    $this->data['students'] = $this->studentrelation_m->get_studentSection_report_all($value$classID$sectionID);
                echo $this->load->view('report/student/StudentAdmitted'$this->datatrue);               
                echo "<h4 class='text-danger'>'PLEASE SELECT A CLASS!' </h4>";

How can i make this view or url (report/student/StudentAdmitted)  to open in a new window

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You could try something like this.

PHP Code:
echo '<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
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