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controlling the font in the window

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I have a view file that has the following html:
<h2> 2.3 Study Toolkit Definitions </h2>
<h3>Project Basis</h3>

This method is based on development projects. In this method, costs associated with a specific project are accumulated and totalled. Three types of costs are allowed for the research credit 1) wages 2) supplies 3) contract research. But before these 3 costs can be totalled, a project must be considered qualified. A project is considered qualifed if it is undertaken to be useful in the develoment of a Business Component. Pure research that is not for the creation or improvement of business component is not considered an "allowed reason".

This seems to render fine as straight HTML. In the next section of the view file I am displaying some data from a mySQL field. In that case the font doesn't match the above text. It is generated by this example:

<h2> 2.2 Products </h2>
        "table"=>"table table-hover"

In this case of the field being displayed is quite different from the regular old HTML. The vendor's recommendation was to "copy the style" of the text that I like into the generated text in the "computed view".  But how do I do that in PHP in phpStorm? How do I set the font style in a php generated field? 
proof that an old dog can learn new tricks

got it working
proof that an old dog can learn new tricks

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