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CKFinder modal opens homepage and does not show files

I am using CKFinder in a CodeIgniter project and the problem I have is that when I click to open the modal to upload new media the modal shows the homepage of my project and not the files in the folder. I am rebuilding the project from another project, so in earlier stages, CKFinder was working well. Things I suspect caused the problem:
  1. I changed the session driver from 'files' to database

  2. When I first built the project is was on http now it is on https
Useful information:
  1. After closer investigation, I found that when I open the modal it makes a request to connector.php but that gives a status code of 307 (temporary redirect) this then redirects to my homepage.

  2. I get the same results when I open CKFinder from the sample pages
I have it configured that all users are allowed to use ckfinder but I am suspecting that this is maybe not working so when anyone calls to ckfinder redirects take place and the modal calls the homepage instead.
 I would appreciate any assistance.

I found the problem. In order to use sessions in ckfinder config.php I used this:
// Include the codeigniter framework
define("REQUEST", "external");
$CI =& get_instance();
$CI->load->library('session'); //if it's not autoloaded in your CI setup
This served me we when I first implemented in. But after reusing this ckfinder folder in another project with a few changes (see question) it started giving me problems. The problem was solved when I removed that piece of code. I'll have to figure out how to access session variables in another manner.

It is possible, in the past I modified the bootstrapping process of the framework. In this case I loaded the framework with calling a dummy controller and then session (database-driven) got accessible. Maybe there is an easier way, anyway, it is what I've got. Here is an example on how I load a similar filemanager: https://github.com/ivantcholakov/starter...browse.php

You need two modes:

- Normal MVC loading for the ordinary site pages;

- Loading the framework from a different front-controller file (not index.php, but which is the file-browser for example, there may be others, upload, etc.) and in this case the framework calls a dummy controller that does nothing. The alternative front-controller does the job and accesses the session using the already initialized framework and session library.

The easiest way to implement it are looking at how CodeIgniter database session library works and copying that source code into a custom library for CKFinder and re-writing those DB connections with PDO (or MySQLi)

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