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New vid: 3 New Features in CI 4.0.4

Thank you! Upgrading today

Thanks, great features.

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Where to point out not best choices for the user guide and or user guide examples?

(sorry to be slightly off topic and though sorry but I can't help with development, but I can do something with user guide hints and enhancements)



the first snippet is

PHP Code:
and its note tells

In a route, the first parameter contains the URI to be matched, while the second parameter contains the destination it should be re-routed to. In the above example, if the literal word “product” is found in the first segment of the URL, and a number is found in the second segment, the “AppCatalog” class and the “productLookup” method are used instead.

it should be :any instead as written later in the examples

PHP Code:

or again, taken from the examples, it should be changed to a less confusing
PHP Code:

if you agree, like the later example shows

PHP Code:

the first snippet will kill newbies and students especially when they later will reach the examples section

I have seen others (sort of) incongruities around, like the word 'post' choosen to be written lowercase in the blog tutorial

were post will be confused by post/posts in the blog, where the tutorial itself referers to a blog,

instead it could clarify writing POST uppercase

I mean this page https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/tutor...items.html

if you go to the the second section "Create a form", its code snippet is

PHP Code:
<h2><?= esc($title); ?></h2>

<?= \Config\Services::validation()->listErrors(); ?>

<form action="/news/create" method="post">
    <?= csrf_field() ?>

method="post", just to "help" newbies and students, can be written method="POST"

yes PHP coders will laugh .. but the tutorial is such basic that I would guess is NOT meant to be thought nor for PHP experienced coders neither for just PHP coders , it is meant for newbies and students,

since unhappily the tutorial context is the one of a blog, the 'post' lowercase will cause a short-circuit in the newbie reader


Just to mention a couple

So could turn in a a courteous kindness towards students readers, to edit the tutorial and begin fixing these two

P.S. kindly allow to add a third one
the controversy routes

in this page

a brief introduction is written

but immediately right after it begins a section PlaceHolders


where the the
method appears and it is exampled many times along the entire (long) URI Routing page

... well the implication suggests that e.g.

$routes->add('product/(:num)', 'App\Catalog::productLookup');

should be written into the app/config/Routes.php file ...

but nowhere along the page is found a snippet with a practical example , nowhere in the entire https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/incom...uting.html page

and to be honest, I just guess it and I ask myself too, are all those $routes->add() to be written in app/config/Routes.php?


if the code $routes->add('product/(:num)', 'App\Catalog::productLookup'); has to be placed in that file ... where it should be added?


 * --------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Router Setup
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------

or in

 * --------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Route Definitions
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------


 * --------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Additional Routing
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------

everything above could look silly but these are the questions that will make students to abandon

Thank you! Upgrading this week!

I was developing my project with CI3, however after checking CI4, I felt in love!
Thank you.

Thank you

(01-16-2021, 03:01 AM)Corsari Wrote: Where to point out not best choices for the user guide and or user guide examples?
Sending Pull Requests is the best way.


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