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Logging within CI 4

Hi all,

I am looking to begin logging the data inside my CI 4 application.

I am expecting the number of users to my site to be significant enough to worry about the best way to log and store this data.

I have googled about to see if i could find some best practises and get some tips on where to begin with this but couldnt find anything obvious.

What would be the best practises for logging?

Would i let CI Logging handle its own logging of errors to a log file?

How would i handle logging for things such as failed login attempts? Would that be logged to a database instead? (say if I wanted to introduce a policy to lock accounts out if so many failures were detected)

How would you handle reporting of these? would you send an email every day/week with the logs? would you build a CRUD admin section inside your app to view the logs?

Any good links to resources , best practices , patterns and methodologies would be greatly appreciated too! Smile

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