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using phpMyAdmin to create temp tables

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I am planning on using phpMyAdmin to write stored procedures. What I am doing in the stored procedure is creating a temporary table  called "A" and then within my CI application I will access A and generate reports. The problem is 1) I don't know how to save the SP with phpMyAdmin and 2) how can I view the table that was created within phpMyAdmin? I don't see it as being added to the Tables in phpmyAdmin.
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What version of phpMyAdmin are you using? Also, depending on where you host it are you sure you will have full access to all phpMyAdmin features? A search on Google would definitely give you the answer that you seek.

Thx php. I did search prior to posting this. My phpMyAdmin is 5.0.1 and is running inside Docker on my PC.
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Google is your friend.

Create and Execute Stored Procedure in PHPMyAdmin
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Were you able to find an answer to your question? Just making sure you found a solution.

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Thx php. While playing with this I broke the whole application and spent Sat trying to fix it. I now have a consultant looking at it. I am moving away from stored procedures due to not having a decent way to debug one. I think that using subqueries might work for me but am having trouble with that too!

SELECT risk, SUM(w2_wages) FROM employees WHERE (SELECT risk FROM titles WHERE employee_title=title)

Here I have a list of all the employees for a company with their w2_wages and their employee_title as columns. I have a second table called titles that has a column called title and another column call risk. What I want is to total the wages for each risk category, either low, med, or high. This is what i want to end up with.  Basically, the titles tables doesn't have any wage information in it. I am trying to total the wages in the employees table for each risk category.  title and employees_title are the indexes. 

risk              SUM(w2_wages)
low               2000
med             10000
high             90000

I typed this into phpMyAdmin and can run it but I don't get any result. What I get is: 

risk              SUM(w2_wages)
NULL          NULL

I know that some of the wages are NULL but how do I protect against that and why does only one row show?
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I got it working using this:

SELECT t.risk, SUM(e.w2_wages) as total_wages
FROM employees e
JOIN titles t ON e.employee_title=t.title
GROUP BY risk;

Someone on the mySQL forum recommended using JOIN ON. I will need to learn that trick. I would normally code the JOIN line as a WHERE e.employee=t.title and add in tables t on the FROM line.
proof that an old dog can learn new tricks

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temporary table is created by using CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE statement. · MySQL removes the temporary table automatically when the session ends or the ...

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