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Languages - guidances,ways to learn.

Hi! In addition to my previous thread about it career - I would like to ask about languages. 
What is the best language to learn? 
I can see that top-3 now looks like 1.Chinese 2.English 3.Spanish. 
But that is just because of majority of that languages all over the world, and what about IT market - what languages are appreciated? 
Also would like to hear something about translation tools which can help to generate a CV with the usage of unknown language for me. 
Thanks in advance ! <3

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My 2-cents worth of observations on the topic:

1) Chinese (any of the several dialects) is nothing like what a Westerner understands as a language... the 'data' is mostly encoded in the the tone CHANGES, rather than the sound of the word (which is different to some of the other Asian languages that work on the overall-sound of the word, like what most languages do). I've spent a bit of time in the Far East, and lived a while in Taiwan, and had contemplated basing myself there for a lengthily period (years ago they had lenient student visas for learning Mandarin that only required a minimal amount of time in classes in order to pretty much live permanently in the country- and it may still be like this (?)). In all of my travels, I've only met a handful of Westerners who could speak Chinese fluently (and even less who could write it)... one of which who's mother is Chinese... so although it's a great idea, and I'd love to be able to understand Chinese, it is a tall order.

2) English is pretty useful... I'm a native English speaker (not that I do it very well), and have traveled extensively (and worked in many of the countries I've been in), and never found it all that difficult to communicate or get what I want or need. English is pretty good for IT too, because most of the well-supported computer languages are English-based (I'm not sure if they exist in 'translated' incarnations ?... I'm sure it wouldn't be all that difficult to do, so perhaps this is a moot point).

3) Spanish is what I've been trying to learn... it's reasonably wide-spread and I've seen it selected as a second language in Asia (in place of learning English)... its use is growing, and will likely be the national language in the States soon. The big benefit for some of us non-language inclined English speakers is that it's not all that far from English (perhaps, in part at least, because the two countries are neighbours, and there's been regular interbreeding in the monarchy and general populace over the last few thousand years (?))... and therefore a baby-step compared to Chinese Wink. Besides, Spanish is spoken in many countries that are sunny, have lots of natural beauty, and that one may want to (very early-)retire to once the world implodes (like in a few month's time).

English is a must have thing on IT market, you can`t survive without it.
Learning Spanish or any other language - that depends on your wish, if you want to work with chinese and spanish people - I think it will be a nice option,but I think that employees of decent IT companies are already english-speakers.
We can dig deeper - moving to Spain or China because of job offering, and here you`ll need the language for sure.

So knowledge of any foreign language is a good option with which you can do some cool things, but the most cool is moving to the country where this language spoken.

Big thanks to you guys, Gary and Brandon!
Real big up from me,thanks for supporting me,that is a hard times in my life cause I am going to rebuild my brain and go for something bigger Smile
And I appreciate when people help me!

By the way, what about tools which I mentioned?
Any recommendations or experiences?

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(09-21-2020, 03:09 PM)GrimeHero4Life Wrote: By the way, what about tools which I mentioned?
Any recommendations or experiences?

To be honest, there are not so many decent translation services. I was using it only several times, you can check here for  services https://isaccurate.com/resume-translation-services the last time in a similar situation, when I was needed a translation help I was looking for resolution exactly on that page! I can`t recommend any another services, cause translations are peculiar thing, and it can be done so bad if you choose bad service to do it
Hope it helps 

Thanks Brendon, you helped me a lot! Will look into it

Thanks for this topic! I will follow it! I learn Spanish, English is my mother-tongue. Also, I speak Russian a bit.
Anyway, practice makes perfect. To learn a language you have to use it daily. And speak as often as you can.

I would advise to learn Chinese, because foreign specialists are needed in China and they prefer to communicate in native language to discuss important topics. But it`s really hard to learn and will take you much more time than learning Spanish and English.

IT specialists around the world learn English since most programs and computer languages are English-based. Moreover, they usually communicate with international customers, so they need English anyway, no matter what country they live in. If you want to focus on a certain market then maybe, you should learn the local language. Or if you want to move to work abroad.

Chinese. Not only has Chinese plenty of dialects, but the language itself also isn't similar to any European language. I did read notes about the experience of studying the Chinese language somewhen - you have to memorize new material, but it's difficult to do with logical understanding because there is nothing to compare with. You should use individual symbols together with typescripts. They represent each word of the vocabulary. Moreover, a myriad of characters represents written versions that have a meaning in spoken sounds. For instance, you need to memorize over 3000 characters to read an article in the Chinese language, but a reliable dictionary requires about 40000 characters... (if you're interested, the source of this information is here)

Btw, learning Spanish is a good idea. Spanish is the second of the most used languages in the USA. And as I know, this language is quite easy to learn. I didn't try, but some friends of mine told me their opinions about it.

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It's up to you which language to learn. Any of the languages will be valuable.
But it's better to learn the language you like rather than the one you MUST.
As for the training itself, I would recommend reading the article 15 Best Free Language Learning Websites and Apps

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