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Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations


Big CONGRATS to you for finishing this. I'll make sure to get my copy soon.

Hi, congrats to you for this ebook its very important to us. I hav a big project using codeigniter 3.1.11 last version 3. Im use sqlsrv / sql server 2017. We planned to accompany the codeigniter in version 4 and keep updated with the manufacturer. But when we see that support for the sql server database has been removed, we cannot update yet. Waiting for this support.
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Ya he comprado el libro, estoy esperando el soporte a sqlsrv en CI4
Hernan Rodríguez
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Will there be a physical version when the book is finished?

(09-27-2020, 10:44 PM)berendbotje91 Wrote: Will there be a physical version when the book is finished?

I didn't do that last time, but I was considering it this time. No decision yet, though.

The next chapter was published today: creating a simple blog engine. In it we cover using View Layouts to make it easy to maintain a consistent look across your site that's easily maintainable and very flexible. We use View Cells to create a Recent Posts "widget" for the sidebar. Instead of using simple objects or array, we look at using Entities for more flexible and powerful database results. We use Fabricators to create sample data in the database.

Since there was so much new stuff in this chapter, I decided to split the CRUD out into the next chapter, which will get us started testing our applications as we build out the remainder of the CRUD, all fully tested, exploring the several types of testing that can easily be done with the tools CodeIgniter provides.

Thank you very much for the book, today I had the opportunity to buy it in leadpub, I am very grateful to you, I was reading the myth auth code to learn how to make good code with the framework and now I am going to complement it with the book you are writing Thank you Lonnie Heart !

Thank you for the opportunity!

(09-16-2020, 09:22 PM)kilishan Wrote: I'm excited to announce that my new book, CodeIgniter 4 Foundations went live last week. People have been asking me for this book for at least a year so I'm thrilled to be able to get the first of it in your hands now.

Had a look at free sample - its presentable, readable, pitched at a level i can understand and best of all seems to contain new content or content that is more elaborated on than docs, yet its still  succinct.

I'm using the $psrf =[ ] ;  for my own class ,so that clarifies i'm on the right track. Then there is new stuff not immediately ringing a bell such as "WRITEPATH".

So just to confirm if we buy it now at the price quoted we get all the other circa 38% thats still to be written by email ?

Yes - whenever a new chapter is released you'll get an update via email letting you know. I'm aiming for a chapter every 2-3 weeks but think this next one will be a little longer than that since it turns out I need to go in for a small surgery in a week. Once I'm past that, though, I should be back on track.

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