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useSoftDeletes and insert

Hi !

I write this part of code in order to return time data (created_at field) to the client when he wants to insert a new message in the db :

PHP Code:
$insertId $message_model->insert($data);
$message $message_model->find($insertId);
$message $message_model->normalize_dates($message);

It's working fine.... except when I set "useSoftDeletes = true" into my "message_model" file. If I do that, find() method return "null" whereas $insertId seems to be correct.

Is that normal ?
Thanks !

Only use useSoftDeletes when you delete, you insert so do not need to set it or set it false if before setted

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useSoftDeletes shouldn't be protected ?
I can define a special function in the model but it's a nonsense (?)

Actually, I think there few solutions possible to solve my "problem" but isn't it a bug to be corrected ?

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