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Why choose CodeIgniter

It's an excellent, lightweight framework. The thing I like most about it is that you can use what you want and you're not forced into following some paradigm or anything. With php/html/css/mysql, you should be able to develop the website you're looking to make, however if you want to make it more flashy and user-friendly, js/jquery might be helpful.

Codeigniter is one of the best PHP frameworks offering an open-source development platform. It assists PHP developers by providing the simplest way to use modular methods and get any explicit function.

I really love CodeIgniter and use it for the majority of my projects; but it has it's place. Laravel has a massive feature set that really comes in handy for larger projects; but if you need rapid development CI is the way to go.

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The Advantages of Using CodeIgniter for Web Development

1. Faster than other PHP frameworks in terms of execution time

2. CodeIgniter has a great data classification system.

3. It is one of the simplest CodeIgniter PHP framework settings.

4. CodeIgniter is one of the safest frameworks available.

5. CodeIgniter necessitates fewer lines of code.

6. CodeIgniter makes it simple to deal with errors.

7. It has a lot of testing capabilities.

8. Template solutions are available in CodeIgniter.

I hope you enjoy my response... Wink

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Benefits of Using CodeIgniter for Web Development

1 CodeIgniter requires less coding
2. It is the most straightforward configurations of the CodeIgniter PHP framework
3  Faster execution time when compared with other PHP frameworks
4 CodeIgniter comes with excellent data classification
5. CodeIgniter is one of the most secure frameworks for room messenger

Lesser abstraction means easy to learn, faster development, better long term code management, less foot print so faster code and lesser usage of resources.

Codeigniter is one of the best PHP frameworks offering an open-source development platform. It assists PHP developers with fast learning and easy to update methods. Codeigniter has:
Less coding
Faster execution
Easy to configure

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Codeigniter is open-source software used to develop the web framework. A Codeigniter development service relies heavily on this framework because it is a cost-effective and hassle-free framework to build applications. Codeigniter is based on the Model-View-controller framework. CodeIgniter web framework helps preserve the important Documentation of the codes developed more simply. Documentation helps the CodeIgniter developers in organizing and referring to the codes.

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I used Codeigniter for my CMS since the beginning, but I left it out during the change in Codeigniter 3.
Now I'm back to it fully because I found that CI4 is much more flexible and powerful. Flexible because you still can do what you want to do as native php coder, and Powerful because you don't really need to invent everything, there are already libraries that are ready for you.

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