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Tatter\Relations - Feature: Loading additional fields in join tables

(This post was last modified: 11-08-2020, 09:23 AM by aschmitz.)

Hey all,

I'm currently fooling around with the \Tatter\Relations plugin and I'm missing one function.

I have two tables 'matches' and 'players' wich have a manyToMany relationship via the table 'matches_players'.
This join table holds an additional field besides the indexes, which is called 'available' and keeps the availability of each player to participate in each respective match.

As far as I see, \Tatter\Relations has no option to include such fields in the result yet (please correct me if I'm wrong Smile ).

I added a short workaround for that in the BaseTrait which goes as follows:

PHP Code:
// Get pivot table from schema
$pivotTable $this->_schema()->tables->{reset($relation->pivots)[2]};

// Get addional pivot table fields
$pivotTableFields array_diff(array_keys((array) $pivotTable->fields), [reset($relation->pivots)[3], next($relation->pivots)[1]]);

// Add pivot table fields to select
if (!empty($pivotTableFields))
    $builder->select(preg_filter('/^/'$pivotTable->name '.'$pivotTableFields));

See: https://github.com/sfadschm/codeigniter4...#L149-L159

This automatically adds all fields in the join table except the pivot fields to the select list for manyToMany relations.
While this is not really pretty yet, I wonder if this functionality is useful for others to (and desired).
If so, I'd like to implement this fully and maybe bind it to a config setting or even a new modifier function (like $this->withAdditionalFields(true)Wink.

Would be great to get some opinions on this.
Maybe from @MGatner? Smile

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