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SimpleAdmin - Boilerplate Ci4 Admin Dashboard

(12-20-2020, 07:22 PM)erik_mx Wrote:
(12-04-2020, 12:01 PM)Geeklabs Wrote: I'm currently making a few tweaks and will get this available to everyone.

I ditched the idea of hosting on code canyon and will open source the entire project. I may do a 'pro' paid version with more features but for now I'm concentrating on getting this version uploaded for everyone to use, try and offer feedback on.

As its built on the backbone of SimpleAuth I've also been making some modifications to the core files of SimpleAuth to make integration into different projects easier.

My whole idea for both projects is to work in a modular way and help people build out applications fast by using different 'modules' of code that are all independent of each other yet work seamlessly together.

If anyone wants to help contribute to either project give me a shout at [email protected]

Hello good evening, thanks for sharing, I am reading that you would upload a version like the one published in the images and on the demo page that you put in the link


Excuse my bad English, I'm starting to use CI4, and after following the instructions of your project on Github, something very different from the example on the page appears, it even gives me some 404 errors, I keep checking it.

Just to confirm the version you uploaded to Github, it only corresponds to the authentication part?

Thank you very much for your answer, and sorry if I could not express myself correctly, greetings

Yes the github you have downloaded from is just the auth system with a basic template for you to build out yourself. The simple admin dashboard will be available soon, im just making a few tweaks to get the release stable.

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