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Empty response even with data on ResourceController

class Mycontroller extends ResourceController
    protected $modelName = 'App\Models\MyModel';
    protected $format = 'json';

    public function create(): \CodeIgniter\HTTP\Response
        try {
            $request = $this->request->getJSON();
            $resourceID = $this->model->save($request);
            $resource = $this->model->asObject()->find($resourceID);
            return $this->respond($resource, 201);
        } catch (\Throwable $e) {
            return $this->handleThrowable($e);

I have been struggling with $this->respond(). I have no idea why it is returning empty result. $resource contains the given object with the data its supposed to return but respond returns empty response for some reason. I get no errors. I am clueless.

In another controller I have pretty much exactly the same code but the stdClass type of resource is created in different way. It works and returns the response as its is supposed to.

Does $resource have public properties or does it implement the JsonSerializable interface?

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