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Process Controller file before run

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I want make something like this

i have controller in controller folder example News.php

in news php all code encode to base64,so i want to make before controller run .Codeingiter eval and decode that code.Is possible doing in codeigniter?


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The assignment, the first major essay of the school year, was to write a narrative essay about a first-time experience. Given the age of my students, most of whom were from just fifteen to almost sixteen, I frequently received essays on learning to drive a car, staying at home by themselves, cooking a meal, or other kind of age-appropriate topics. But in my eight years of teaching, I had not received a sexually themed narrative essay before https://thefreeadultcam.com .

My eyes flicked to the pile of essays, half of which I had already graded. I wondered if I could discover the author by process of elimination. Whoever had been present but not turned in an essay would likely be the writer. So, I did my best to put the explicit narrative--one in which a neighbor takes pictures of a girl sunbathing topless, then blackmails her into giving head before finally forcing her to deepthroat--out of my mind. With some effort, I succeeded https://www.lucalussurioso.com/ .

Once all the essays were graded, I recorded the grades. However, I was left frustrated. None of the students present that day had failed to turn in an essay, and the only two absences were boys. And yet, the essay had been in the pile from my fourth period class, and I knew it could not have come from anywhere else. Then my mistake hit me. I had set the deepthroat essay aside without noting which essays came before and after it.

Staring at the stack of papers, I attempted to remember which essay I had graded immediately after the deepthroat one. It had been about cooking a thanksgiving meal for the first time after her mom passed away, or at least I thought it had. I searched for the essay, finding it eighth from the top, which seemed about right. Skimming it, I confirmed it was the one I recalled. And it was written by a girl – Emily Breckenridge. I set it aside next to the one without a name, then looked at the essay that had been seventh from the top. It was by a boy named Craig and was, of course, about the first time his dad took him driving. I put it back on the pile and turned my attention back to Emily’s essay, picturing the girl in my mind.

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(01-25-2021, 10:06 PM)geximehe Wrote: I want make something like this

i have controller in controller folder example News.php

in news php all code encode to base64,so i want to make before controller run .Codeingiter eval and decode that code.Is possible doing in codeigniter?

 Hi. You can use hooks (https://codeigniter.com/userguide3/general/hooks.html) to execute the encode/decode function before the controller.

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