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Unnecessary Files Loaded in Production Environment - Codeigniter 4.1.1

(This post was last modified: 02-21-2021, 10:36 PM by myo.)

(02-21-2021, 08:48 PM)ojmichael Wrote: Assuming you're using Docker, the composer commands listed above should be part of your Dockerfile, and you don't need to include the vendor folder in the image.

No I am not using Docker

(02-21-2021, 03:34 PM)iRedds Wrote:
(02-21-2021, 06:06 AM)myo Wrote: It means PRODUCTION environment option in .env file is useless?

So it means I have to keep 2 copies, 1 for local development & 1 for production?

Cant I just comment the relevant lines in composer autoload file in production?

The .env file only affects the application.
You can run composer with the keys listed above on the production server.
No second copy is required.

If you mean composer.json, then it doesn't support comments.
If we are talking about files generated by the composer, the files will be recreated upon update / add / remove.
Still after composer update --no-dev and running in Production Environment I still found following files included.
So Kint Polyfill is not going away ! 

 - D:\dev\vendor\laminas\laminas-zendframework-bridge\src\autoload.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\laminas\laminas-zendframework-bridge\src\Autoloader.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\laminas\laminas-zendframework-bridge\src\RewriteRules.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\phpseclib\phpseclib\phpseclib\bootstrap.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\symfony\polyfill-ctype\bootstrap.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\symfony\polyfill-mbstring\bootstrap.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\kint-php\kint\init.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\kint-php\kint\src\Kint.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\kint-php\kint\src\Utils.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\kint-php\kint\init_helpers.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\kint-php\kint\src\Renderer\Renderer.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\kint-php\kint\src\Renderer\RichRenderer.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\kint-php\kint\src\Renderer\CliRenderer.php
 - D:\dev\vendor\kint-php\kint\src\Renderer\TextRenderer.php

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