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Modules constants

Hey all, I am experimenting with codeigniter 4.

I am intending to recreate an old project I did with CI 3. But in the process of my analysis I decided to split of all major components in seperate modules.

Now as I am lazy and don't want to write specific namespace everytime. I was thinking of placing it inside the constants.php config file in every module. But I can not get it to work. Am I missing something?

defined('MODULE_NAMESPACE') || define('MODULE_NAMESPACE', 'Admin');
defined('MODULE_NAMESPACE_LOC') || define('MODULE_NAMESPACE_LOC', 'Modules\Admin\\');

public function index()
     return view(MODULE_NAMESPACE_LOC .'Views\admin');

After some thinkering I found a way to include the specific constants I required.

I do however wonder if this is the correct approach and if there is no better way to achieve this. What I did is the following. 

In the app/config/Constants.php add the following:

PHP Code:
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Include Modules Constants Files
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------

if (file_exists(ROOTPATH'modules')) {
$modulesPath ROOTPATH.'modules/';
$modules scandir($modulesPath);

    foreach (
$modules as $module) {
        if (
$module === '.' || $module === '..') continue;
        if (
is_dir($modulesPath) . '/' $module) {
$constantsPath $modulesPath $module '/Config/Constants.php';
            if (
file_exists($constantsPath)) {
            } else {

And then just create a Constants.php in your modules/Admin/Config/
Add your constants and they will be loaded if they exist.

Constants in CI has always been confusing for me. In CI3 I kept them in constants.php but in CI4 I have divided up the different sets of constants (for example DB table names and permission constants) in separate classes. I keep them in app/Libraries:
PHP Code:

namespace App\Libraries;


    public const badge_providers 'badge_providers';
    public const badge_templates 'badge_templates';
    public const brands 'brands';

In code I reference them with Table::brands and rely on the autoloading.

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Mmm I see, I do however believe constants should be in the constants file. Therefore the solution I found seems to be doing the job just fine. The thing I am wondering about is why the constants file in the modules/config folder is not beeing found automaticly.

PHP Code:
public $aliases = [

For one or another reason the constants are not beeing discovered.

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