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Will CI 3.x work properly with PHP 8.x?

(04-28-2021, 04:58 AM)dkwhisler Wrote: All of our webapps are using CI 3.1.11 with PHP 7.3.x.   To get ready for the upgrade to PHP 8.x on our webservers, I am trying to determine if the current CI 3.1.11 will officially work on PHP 8.x or not.   The documentation just states the min PHP version, but not whether PHP 8 is (or is not) supported.   

If not, I noticed their is a unreleased version of CI 3.2.x in the git repo.   
Will 3.2.x support PHP 8.x when it is released?   

One more thing:   Perhaps CI 3.1.x works in PHP 8.x very well, except for some of its libraries and/or helpers that break if called in PHP 8.x.   It would be helpful to know this as well with a list of those libraries and helpers that break under PHP 8.x.   My webapps only use a very limited set of these components, so that might not prevent me from upgrading to PHP 8.x - and then I can make the migration from CI 3.x to CI 4.x later as time permits. 

I have been using CI 3.x for many years and found it to be very easy to learn and build great webapps.
Thank you all developers and maintainers of CI for keeping it a great framework!

I tested our CI3 app very briefly with PHP8. The main thing that appeared to be broken was flashdata. However it was a very simple fix. I created a pull request for it on GitHub which was accepted.

I also believe some of the migrations code doesn't work properly with PHP8. This was discussed on GitHub - hopefully another simple fix.

I'm not sure about anything else. I'm hoping the community can get things in order before PHP7.4 is EOL because we have one CI3 project which is very important to us, and there's no requirement or desire to completely redevelop it using CI4.

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