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problem with custom controller constructor

I have tried to move the stuff I usually do in __constructor to initController() method. It seems to work (and I can avoid initializing the things again that have been initialized  in the BaseController's initController() function. However, the vscode shows a nasty warning:

Quote:Method 'App\Controllers\Booking::initController()' is not compatible with method 'App\Controllers\BaseController::initController()'.intelephense(1038)
What should I make of that? Is intelephense wrong, or am I not seeing something? 

Hard to ignore it psychologically, it triggers me Smile

here is my modified controller (with the previous code commented out:

PHP Code:
class Booking extends BaseController
    protected $bookingModel;
    protected $usersModel;
    protected $pagesModel;
    protected $roomsModel;
    protected $eventTypesModel;
    protected $hours;
    protected $rooms;
    protected $validation;

    public function initController(RequestInterface $requestResponseInterface $responseLoggerInterface $logger)
        // Do Not Edit This Line

            $this->bookingModel model('BookingModel');
            $this->usersModel model('UsersModel');
            $this->pagesModel model('PagesModel');
            $this->roomsModel model('RoomsModel');
            $this->eventTypesModel model('EventTypesModel');

            //these  lines are in the baseController initController, so I could finally comment them out:
            //$this->settingsModel = model('SettingsModel');
            //$this->settings = $this->settingsModel->keyValue();
            $hl explode('-'$this->settings['booking_hours']);
            $this->hours range($hl[0], $hl[1]);
            $this->rooms $this->roomsModel->keyValue();
            $this->validation =  \Config\Services::validation();

    // public function __construct()
    // {
    //    $this->bookingModel = model('BookingModel');
    //    $this->usersModel = model('UsersModel');
    //    $this->pagesModel = model('PagesModel');
    //    $this->roomsModel = model('RoomsModel');
    //    $this->eventTypesModel = model('EventTypesModel');

    //    //dublicates baseConstructor initConstructor()
    //    $this->settingsModel = model('SettingsModel');
    //    $this->settings = $this->settingsModel->keyValue();

    //    $hl = explode('-', $this->settings['booking_hours']);
    //    $this->hours = range($hl[0], $hl[1]);
    //    $this->rooms = $this->roomsModel->keyValue();
    //    $this->validation =  \Config\Services::validation();
    // }

    // the other methods go here


Donatas G.

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