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Aksara - a Complex CRUD Starter Kit

Aksara is a CodeIgniter based CRUD Toolkit that you can use to build complex applications become shorter, secure and more reliable in just a few lines of code. Serving both CMS or Framework, produce both HEADLESS (RESTful API) or TRADITIONAL (Browser Based) just by writing in single controller. Yet it's reusable, scalable and ready to use!

Source code: https://www.aksaracms.com

Demo: https://demo.aksaracms.com (username: admin | password: admin123)

Sample ecosystem: https://gis.aksaracms.com (username: admin | password: admin123)

[Image: 110242393-729b6b00-7f88-11eb-9ecc-2cb1c27c5945.png]
[Image: 110242375-67483f80-7f88-11eb-8126-fba2051ae95b.png]
Try my CodeIgniter based CRUD and API Toolkit: https://github.com/abydahana/aksara

(This post was last modified: 01-18-2022, 08:49 AM by abydahana.)

We made an update related to core features and market integration.

New Features:
  1. Add the capability to install under MySQLi, SQLSRV, PostgreSQL and SQLite3 engine;
  2. Add the capability to install the Add-Ons from Aksara Market directly and generate the menus and permission automatically based with it's own package manifest;
  3. Add the capability to import the Add-Ons from Add-Ons importer;
  4. Add the capability to customize, update and delete the modules or themes and remove the junk menus and permission that previously created when uninstalling the modules;
  5. Add the JSON Machine to the dependency to handle large JSON file;
  6. Add the ArcGIS MapServer function rendering to /public/assets/local/js/openlayers.min.js when display the map using "data-arcgis-rest-url" data attribute;
  7. Add the API documentation (automatically generated) under API menu;
  8. Add the grid view option to switch the table to grid view;
  9. Add the cover on mobile view when the first column of grid data is an image;
  10. Assign the method of "parent_module" related to view template and permission;
  11. Add the option parameter for "set_title" to set the individual title for current action (index, create, read, update);
  12. Add the reverse geocoding for openlayers when updating the layer feature;
  13. Add the capability to get nearest features when using OpenLayers;
  14. Add the routing machine preparation for maps rendering;
  15. Add the limit number to the pagination;
  16. Adds the failed login attempts blocking with customizable attempt count and blocking time;
  17. Add the sample individual user privileges;
Bug Fixed:
  1. Update the installation wizard;
  2. Add the statement to prevent infinity loop when no result in set_relation;
  3. Fix the download pdf feature when using mPDF;
  4. Adding missing last name on register;
  5. Fix the missing format for API response;
  6. Adds the missing validation for core modules;
  7. Unify the unique validation separator when accidentally doing typo;
  8. Correct the view path finder of sub-module;
  9. Update missing validation token;
  10. Update autocomplete that resulting not found when truncated keyword has trailing dots;
  11. Add the missing permission for sub-admin (technical) permission;
  12. Fix the missing token when ordering the column;
  13. Add the missing parameter value that throws error when no parameter given;
  14. Update the statement under "unique" validation when second parameter is empty;
  1. Add the delete restriction for the data that included in "unset_delete";
  2. Update the datepicker format;
  3. Add the ability to using the user page (profile) from the administration page by converting the user_id to username;
  4. Update the datepicker format;
  5. Add the language selection to the sidebar;
  6. Add the function to forcing modal to be opened in small screen;
  7. Adding the ripple effect to the button;
  8. Refine the mobile UI;
  9. Improve the autocomplete;
  10. Add the missing escape when using join table;
  11. Rewrite "where" method for query builder to add capability to escape the complex query or use subquery;
  12. Add checker to ignore the parameter when the value is null on "unique" validation;
  13. Pair default value to disabled field;
  14. Updating the theme and url helper that previously not working with imported theme and modules. Add the function to call the asset under theme and module;
  15. Login page improvements, removing the login component due issue within theme view overriding;
  16. Improve the carousel slideshow CMS that previously missing the order when uploaded file is skipping the first slide;
  17. Adds the token to the json response when it's requested from CRUD form;
  18. Enlarge the group privileges modal;
  19. Add the query builder compatibility for each database driver;
  20. Refine the statement of session cleaner module;
  21. Update the statement to skip the field inside the form validation. Update the null value to empty when preparing the field data value;
  1. Replace the native query with migration under the installation wizard to working with multiple type of databases;
  2. Unset the country as required field;
  3. Add the partial content related to account management;
  4. Remove the profile component from the component.min.js;
  5. Replace Owl Carousel with SwiperJS;
  6. Replace the excel export / import with PHPOffice/PHPSpreadSheet;
  7. Changes on Assets controller to working with theme preview (related to base_url and asset_url configuration value);
  8. Removing unused JS plugins;
  9. Changes for uploader plugin with Aksara custom uploader since the previous version used to be paid version (fileuploader by innostudio);
  10. Replace the default session path to file due to database write issue related to CodeIgniter;
  11. String helper: changes in string replacement to display the restricted syntax as special chars;

 View changes and updates.
Try my CodeIgniter based CRUD and API Toolkit: https://github.com/abydahana/aksara

I can't install with composer

"Fatal error: Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version ">= 8.1.0". You are running 7.4.9. in C:\wamp64\www\balldoofree\vendor\composer\platform_check.php on line 24"

My composer

Composer - Dependency Manager for PHP - version 2.2.4

Hello, sorry the reply was late. I didn't get any notification.

I just update the dependencies requirement to match with PHP ^7.4.0, your PHP version must be compatible now. The latest version of Aksara now 4.4.3, you can install through the composer directly or by clone the repo from GitHub.
Try my CodeIgniter based CRUD and API Toolkit: https://github.com/abydahana/aksara

The latest version 4.5.4 add the capability for cloning the data;
Bug fixing related to security;
Using the latest CodeIgniter as dependency.

Try my CodeIgniter based CRUD and API Toolkit: https://github.com/abydahana/aksara

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