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IgnitedRecord 1.0 pre-release

Well, by default version 0.2 already uses IQ for the queries (the bundled version has some flaws, so I recommend to upgrade, at least IQ) but can be configured to use CI's AR.
It also uses CI's AR for saving.

1.0 on the other hand, can be used with $active_record = false; and uses IQ for all queries.
(release date cannot really be guesstimated, need to implement through relations and finish the validation + rewrite a lot of the manual and check it and then recheck it Tongue)

About the more "advanced" usages of IR, I may do a screencast about that Smile

PS. You can fetch a pre-release version of 1.0 at the SVN here

Hey Martin, there seems to be a bug in ignitedquery.php at line 1612. You only pass the keys but a bit further you refer to the values which are not passed. Therfore its impossible to insert new data.


EDIT: Forgot to mention that I am talking about Version 1.0

Ok, fixed that one. Thanks!

Hi Martin, are you also going to include validation in the next IR release? THanks and looking forward..


Validation is going into the next release, and form generation will also probably make it.

Need help ... i cant get with this library!!! Sad
how can i make a Relation ??

I have (posts) table and (categories) table ..

... category has many posts ...
... posts belong to category ...

categories -

posts -

how can i make this relation with this GREAT LIBRARY from the begin??

thanks in advance!!!

if your posts belong to multiple categories you will need to expand your data model and add a join table.

if you only allow one category per post then your data model looks ok.

in the second case (one category per post) make two models extended from ignitedrecord: category "has many" posts and posts "has one" category.

if you decide you need a join table (to support multiple categories per post) then see the quick start for an example with a join table.


[eluser]Sander Versluys[/eluser]
Hi Martin,

Started using the 1.0 version from svn and it's really neat. Thanks for building this great library. I believe this orm library can be the best and most usefull thing next to a standard CI install.

The 0.2 version did not work very well with my dbs, those weren't anything near the default naming conventions. But the 1.0 version really works like a charm. Yay!

Keep up the good work!

can i use this library without using a joining_table?

[eluser]Sander Versluys[/eluser]

Are you using 0.2? I personnaly suggest using 1.0...

class Categories extends IgnitedRecord {
    var $has_many = 'posts';
class Post extends IgnitedRecord {
    var $belongs_to = 'category';

This should work based on your database.

You probably know this but it this config, each post belongs to just ONE category.

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