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Error when trying to get property from parent class

It looks I'm missing something. I'm trying to get property value from parent class (BaseController) and im getting "Trying to get property 'saveUserLog' of non-object".

<?php namespace App\Controllers;

use CodeIgniter\Controller;
use App\Models\UserLogModel;

class UserLog extends BaseController
    private $userLogModel; 
    private $logObject;
    private $logAction;

    public function __construct(string $logObject = '', string $logAction = 'U')
        $this->userLogModel = model('UserLogModel');
        $this->logObject = $logObject;
        $this->logAction = $logAction;
    * save Log
    * @param  string $obj
    * @return void
    public function saveLog(array $data)
        if(! $this->siteCfg->saveUserLog){
            return FALSE;
        $dataToSave = [
            'date'      => date('Y-m-d H:i:s'),
            'user_id'  => user_id(),
            'action'    => $this->logAction,
            'object'    => $this->logObject,
            'object_prev_ver' => json_encode($data)
        return $this->userLogModel->save($dataToSave);       


class BaseController extends Controller

    protected $helpers = ['auth','url', 'form','site'];
    protected $dataOutput = [];
    protected $siteCfg;
    protected $template;
    protected $templateAdmin;

public function initController(RequestInterface $request, ResponseInterface $response, LoggerInterface $logger)
// Do Not Edit This Line
parent::initController($request, $response, $logger);

// Preload any models, libraries, etc, here.
// E.g.: $this->session = \Config\Services::session();
        $this->session = service('session');
        $this->siteCfg = config('SiteConfig');     
        $this->isLoggedIn = logged_in();     

        $this->dataOutput['__seoDesc'] = $this->siteCfg->seoDefDesc;
        $this->dataOutput['__seoTags'] = $this->siteCfg->seoDefTags;       
        $this->dataOutput['__seoTitle'] = $this->siteCfg->siteTitle;
        $this->dataOutput['__mainMenu'] = $this->siteCfg->mainMenu;
        $this->dataOutput['__themeFolder'] = $this->siteCfg->templateFolder;
        $this->dataOutput['__logged_in'] = $this->isLoggedIn;
        $this->dataOutput['__themeAdminFolder'] = $this->siteCfg->templateAdminFolder;


<?php namespace Config;

use CodeIgniter\Config\BaseConfig;

class SiteConfig extends BaseConfig
    * Main vars
    public $siteTitle  = 'Site Title';

    * Mail
    public $siteEmail = '[email protected]';

    * Articles
    public $defArtImage = '3c92e1438ebc787c4834d44e6f69471b.jpg';
    public $defArtImgPath = 'uploads/gallery/';   

    * Users
    public $defUserAvatarImg = 'ico_avatar.png';
    public $defUserAvatarPath = 'uploads/avatars/';

    public $saveUserLog = true;

    * Template
    public $templateFolder = 'layout';

    public $templateAdminFolder = 'neptune';
    * SEO
    public $seoDefDesc = 'Seo description';
    public $seoDefTags = 'Seo tags';

Thanks in advance for any help.

Change it from private to protected.

scope to make that property/method available from anywhere, other classes and instances of the object.

scope when you want your property/method to be visible in its own class only.

scope when you want to make your property/method visible in all classes that extend current class including the parent class.
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Looking at your BaseController it seems there is really no $saveUserLog property.

(10-11-2021, 07:32 PM)paulbalandan Wrote: Looking at your BaseController it seems there is really no $saveUserLog property.

As I said before, maybe Im missing something but for saveUserLog is property from config object (App\Config\SiteConfig). In BaseController I have $siteCfg property and then im checking $this->siteCfg->saveUserLog.

InsiteFX Wrote:Change it from private to protected.
Which one? siteCfg property is protected.

You said you are trying to access the property from the parent class, to which I assumed you defined it as an explicit property.

Anyway, move the initialization of $this->siteCfg from the initController method into the __construct method.

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