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unable to download the csv file in via rest api

I'm trying to download the CSV content file using the REST API in Codeigniter 4 but it not working, I'm fetching the data from the database which I need to download via rest API.
In the controller I found this:
return $this->response->download('test.csv', $data); // $data is string

Front in angular:
const headers = new HttpHeaders().append('responseType', 'blob');
this.http.get(path, { headers }).subscribe(
  (res) => {},
  (error) => {console.error(error)}

But not working, am I missing something?

Please guide me.

It appears there's an issue with downloading the CSV file via the REST API. Troubleshooting the API call or checking permissions could help resolve this download problem.

Maybe CORS block? See browser console
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Unable to download a CSV file via the REST API.

The present implementation is having trouble getting CSV files using the REST API. Incorrect endpoint configurations, authentication issues, or server-side issues are all possible causes. It is critical to evaluate and troubleshoot the code in order to discover and address the root cause, guaranteeing that users have a smooth file download experience. Regular testing and monitoring will aid in maintaining the API's dependability.

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