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Laravel Vs Codeigniter. A difficult choice

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(12-06-2021, 07:02 PM)kenjis Wrote:
(12-05-2021, 07:48 PM)iRedds Wrote: Any breaking changes are postponed to the mythical 5 version.

We have feature toggle now. So it is a bit easier to add breaking changes.
And actually breaking enhancement is introduced.

If it is a huge project, the framework choice depends on the project members.
You should not decide it only because of your interest.

Feature config is not a universal solution and can only work in special cases.
It's more like a crutch.
How about a full PSR-7 (HTTP message interface) implementation? Or, removing the table name from the BaseBuilder class constructor?
You won't be able to pull this off via feature config.


I think you are confusing stability and stagnation.
So far, users of the CI 1/2/3 version were glad that everything was "stable" for them. Other frameworks have gone ahead using all the capabilities of the language.
I do not know the situation in the world, but in my country the dominant positions are occupied by Laravel, Symfony and Yii.
Vacancies with CodeIgniter are less than 1% and most of them are transition from CodeIgniter to another framework.

There is a direct relationship between popularity and the number of people involved in the development of the framework.

The implementation of the task scheduler and queue will add advantages, but in my opinion, the current kernel, in particular, working with databases or HTTP lacks functionality.

Completely agree that CodeIgniter is not the top framework anymore. That happened about 8 years ago when EllisLab basically abandoned the framework and everyone jumped ship. In that time Laravel has made huge market gains. No surprise there, it's a good framework, even if I dislike quite how magical it is in a number of places. That doesn't mean it's appropriate for every developer, team, or project. That's why Phalcon, Nette, and others are still around also.

And I do remember Laravel 4/5 days when everyone was complaining that it changed too much and broke BC too much. Taylor and crew have gotten much better since then.

I would argue that just because it doesn't have the 2 features you'd like doesn't mean it's stagnating. It's still growing and improving, just at a slower pace than you'd like. Everyone is always welcome to help more, like I know you have, if they'd like to see it move along faster.

@iRedds if the feature you like is not available yet please kindly contribute rather than calling it a swamp.

I never regret moving from.Laravel to Codeigniter.
The framework is doing the job in a very light way!!!.

Amount of contributors can make the framework more powerful. You can help the project rather than waving people off from it.

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I may be wrong, but as far as I know, Laravel has appeared as an alternative to CodeIgniter 1.x. At that time, EllisLab stopped developing its public version.
I also remember about the dissatisfaction associated with the breaking changes in Laravel in the 5th version. Then the function was removed in the minor version.

I would like maintainers to be less critical of BC. I conventionally divide the users of the framework into those who change (extend) the kernel and those who do not.
And if PR does not change the performance of the code for the second group, then this is not so much BC.

(12-07-2021, 09:16 AM)seunex Wrote: @iRedds if the feature you like is not available yet please kindly contribute rather than calling it a swamp.
I'll just leave it here https://github.com/codeigniter4/CodeIgni...r%3AiRedds

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