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Upgrade from 4.1.5 to 4.1.6

Hi All,
My newyears resolution is to keep up with CI updates.
This will be my first manual upgrade and I would like to do it correct.
The upgrade page tells me that only these files are changed:

  • Code:
  • Code:
  • Code:
  • Code:
  • Code:
But when I check system/CodeIgniter.php, there are changes as well (not only CI_VERSION).

I thought it was safe to just copy  the changed files, but I'm afraid I will miss out on other files.
I don't want to just copy paste everything, because my config folder contains some configs which should be reviewed manualy.
What's best practice in this situation?

Maybe the instructions are not clear enough, but these are the changes in the project space (your app, not the framework). You should always replace your system directory with the new version.

Quote:This is a list of all files in the project space that received changes; many will be simple comments or formatting that have no effect on the runtime

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Yes,  the instructions are not clear.

I sent a PR to improve:

(01-04-2022, 09:05 AM)sjender Wrote: What's best practice in this situation?

I'm not sure this is the best for you.
But I use composer and install CI4 with appstarter.

And use upgrading tool:

@sjender How about this?


So I need to replace the system directory as well as some project space files mentioned on the upgrade page.
That's all I needed to know.

I know I have to check the project space files to be sure I don't overwrite any possible manual settings.

@sjender Yes!

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When they say PHP 8 is fully supported, does that only mean it works on PHP 8, or also that it's been reworked to fully utilize the value that PHP 8 shagle voojio adds?

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I'm happy to have a plurality of options, which drives innovation and allows each framework to suit different use-cases. I believe CodeIgniter has focused on ease of use, and perhaps that is its main selling point. People are perfectly free to go with Laravel/Symfony/Slim/etc, but choice is a shagle omegle good thing.

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