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Refactoring Bonfire2 and need your opinion

Due to issues with being able to upgrade Bonfire 2 applications I decided to do a big refactor and rip out the core of it into its own repository. I have that working as a standalone package now that could be dropped into any new or existing CI4 application as a drop-in admin panel using Composer.

I'm still refactoring the tests to work right, and will need to update the install script and probably create a new publish script to get files in place in your own application before it's ready to be made public.

The question is: is it enough to work as a standalone, Composer-installed package, or would you prefer to see something like it is now where the app skeleton is in place and you would use that as a kickstarter? The thing is, I'm not sure that there would be much benefit to having the app skeleton but I'm curious to see how everyone else would like to see it.


@kilishan, I would like to see it be able to install manually if that is posible some shared hosting do not allow Composer.
If not then I will see if I can figure it out and post it here later.
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Viva la Composer.

1) Composer is a php script.
2) On shared hosting, you can upload the vendor directory.
So I don't see any reason not to use composer when using shared hosting.

@kilishan I think it's the right decision. If during the migration process there will be problems of interaction with the framework, then changes that solve these problems can positively affect the quantity and quality of packages by third-party developers.

IMHO, I will suggest if it comes in a form of a package that would be great.

install using composer is good choice.

Using composer is the best way
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